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About Us

Our Story

Treo is a collective of skilled and experienced stylists that bring  passion and art to life everyday. We are a team with the same core values, practicing sustainable beauty and giving back to the community.

Ten years ago, after working in the industry for so long, Treo Owner-Sarah, became chemically sensitive to the products she was using. Her dizzy spells, nausea, headaches and skin irritations lead her to doubt whether she could continue to work in the industry. That was until she discovered Organic Hair Color. She made the switch and saw her health improve quickly. It not only changed her life, but it changed the lives of her clients. They noticed the smell was better, their heads didn't itch, headaches were long gone, and the results were long-lasting and better then ever. Sarah's goal since has been to create a space where all stylists and clients could have the benefits she was receiving. Thus Treo Organic Salon was born. 

Our Core Values



We aim to provide the highest level of service, stay on the cutting edge of styles, methods and treatments for of our customers. Making you look and feel good is our number one priority so we are proud to use the best organic color line available.



We believe that using healthier, organic ingredients without chemicals, is healthier for our bodies.  We also believe that reducing our waste and keeping our earth healthy is a must. That is why we have partnered with Green Circle Salons to reduce our waste by up to 95%.



We feel that it is very important to make a positive contribution to our neighborhood. We recognize and value the work done by local businesses and charities, so we will donate a percentage of every sale to a new local charity every year. This years charity is...

Our Policies

Cancellation Policy
Please note we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. You will not be able to cancel your appointment online within the 48 hour period. You will have to call the salon to do so. You may be charged a fee of half of the price of your scheduled service.  Our time, as is yours, is valuable. Thank you for your understanding.

No-Show Policy
A no-show fee of the full amount of the scheduled service will be charged if an appointment is missed with no notification given.